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.m., right? we're looking at 11:00 a.m. local time. about three hours ago. 11:00 a.m., this is when families start to go out and start to shop. describe how busy from what you understand the mall was at that time? >> it is a very large shopping center. and it should be noted that the spa is not in the mall. it is adjacent to the mall. but when we say mall -- >> do you mean across the street? >> yes. when we say mall, it is not just one building. this is a place where there are many, many buildings and it has, it's a huge shopping center. it's very crowded over the weekend. and initially that's why it was such a big deal to have the entire brookfield square mall area shut down. an interesting thing that we've been hearing from witnesses is that the mall was not lock down immediately. because again authorities were trying to determine exactly what they had here. >> do you know hows that reacted from the first call to when they arrived? >> we're still awaiting information from authorities. we have been hearing from witnesses who are around the area of brookfield square mall when this happened a
to make sure that fema is the most effective agency possible in terms of affecting states and localities with disasters and it's always been a major concern in the sense that the way that it is budgeted for is not one in which it is reliable or one that states can depend on, so looking at how we fund fema and how those activities are streamlined to help states and again, you look back several storms and there's a lot of criticism to fema, so getting to an agency, allowing an agency to operate more effectively and ensuring states and localities are receiving the funds they need to help the people is what this comes down to. >> thanks for taking time for us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks, tom. >> we are just learning that president obama will be holding ab11:45 a.m. eastern call with mayors and governors affected by sandy. we'll check in with nbc's chuck todd coming up from washington and you can also track the storm by checking out you'll get up-to-date information on efforts to help the victims as well and the weather channel shows will be streaming live on weathe
the names of libyan civilians and local leaders working with the united states, which senator kerry says exposes them to possible danger. the chairman of the house republican oversight committee darrell issa has accused the president of failing to come clean about the events in libya, saying the american people deserve a full explanation. more on these stories throughout the next hour. stick with us. >>> now, as we mentioned, the presidential candidates are leaving the campaign trail today to prepare for their final face-off at monday night's debate. governor romney just wrapped up his debate prep for the day, and peter alexander is in florida with the latest. what can you tell us about what the governor is doing to prepare for monday's debate? >> reporter: richard, there is always a pretty good indication that debate prep is over and they're heading off to a fundraiser when you hear all the revving engines of the palm beach county sheriff's deputies and others. he is preparing to head off to that fundraiser that we'll have more details on in just a moment. the debate prep lasted for the
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for local police at federal facilities, a press release said the president was launching an unprecedented federal effort to choke off drug trafficking and shatter organized crime. that sort of thing has been said before. for example, the nixon administration declared that organized crime would be destroyed by 1974. >> did you catch the number, they said the war on drugs would cost $200 million. $200 million. three decades later, we spend about $20 billion to $25 billion every year to fight drugs there's also a human cost. more than half of the federal prisoners are behind bars for drug offenses in state prisons, it's one in five and more than a quarter of all women in state prisons are serving drug sentences. coming up, can mitt romney court a particular pocket of voters in this contest to win the commonwealth of virginia, we'll talk about it, you're watching msnbc. ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean. with tide pods. just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined pop in. stand out. >>> today we take a close look at battleground virginia and the r
in the mime herald, foreign policy is a local issue in south florida. meanwhile president obama and governor romney have both picked up big endorsements from florida's largest newspapers. president obama the tampa bay times and governor romney the "orlando sentinel." romney also picked up the tampa trib. ohio papers handed out sbe endorsements. "cleveland plain dealer" backing prsident obama and columbus dispatch backing romney. ballots are being cast before election day in seven of nine battleground states. virginia and new hampshire don't have early in person voting. so just moments ago president obama left camp david and they are hitting back on accusations he's failed to lay out an agenda for a second term. >> he has laid out a second term agenda. it was a big part of the convention speech. it was a reason we got such a bump out of the convention because the american people saw what a second term would mean. >> here is part of the president's second term agenda. investment in manufacturing jobs by doubling exports and closing loopholes that send jobs overseas. 100,000 new math and scienc
with a local affiliate. >> if you could go back to that fund-raiser, would you have said it differently? >> it's difficult for me to know how they will cobble 51% of the people. i'm going to be a president for the 100% of the people. i demonstrated throughout my life. >> the question should be if you could go back, would you sweep that room for cameras to make sure you weren't being recorded. will that answer be enough when asked about this? as he is sure to be asked about this tomorrow night. >> i'm sure, obviously, that was a very inartful statement he said. i'm sure had he hit the rewind button, he would do it all over again. what mitt romney needs to do is connect to the people. >> is he sorry he said it or sorry he got caught saying it? there is a big difference there. sorry for saying it or sorry for being caught? >> i don't know the answer to that. listening to what he just said, he sounds like he is sorry he said it. moving forward, what he needs to do tomorrow night is connect with the american people in a humanistic way. people would say maybe that is a good thing. it's okay to chang
up until election day, depending on the decisions of local election boards. it's a win for the obama campaign, which has filed a lawsuit arguing everyone should be able to vote on those days. we'll have more on all these stories throughout the next three hours. >>> president obama today keeping his focus on jobs, as we have mentioned. the september jobs report showed a drop in the unemployment rate to 7.8%. the president said in his weekly web address that the burden is on congress to keep the economy moving forward. nbc news white house correspondent, mike viqueira joins me now. mike, what more political fallout do you think we're going to see over the jobless numbers? >> reporter: the jobs report was both symbolic and substantiative. symbolic because it got below 8%, that's considered a threshold over which no president has ever been re-elected. and substantiative because it gets down to where the unemployment rate is -- was when president obama took office in january of 2009. and don't you know, melissa, yesterday at two campaign rallies in the battleground states of virginia and
they were cutting local aid. he used to bring state police bodyguards into the meeting with him. he closed down an elevator that used to be public, to the legislators, the general public could get in. he closed down that elevator so only he could go up. he didn't want to get button holed by any legislators. i think if you talk to any democratic, and frankly even some republican legislators, he did not work in either a bipartisan or in a partisan way to work with the legislature to have really a very strong record of accomplishment. he really has a very weak record of accomplishment in massachusetts. >> shannon o'brien, thank you so much. you ran for governor of massachusetts against mitt romney in 2002. thank you very much for your time today. >> thank you. >> arnold schwarzenegger make answer appearance in a spot that may be familiar to fans of the former governor's condominium my career. >>> and is about to play an important battleground. what he has planned after this preak. you are watching msnbc. ♪ let's get it started, ha, let's get it started in here ♪ l] no matter wha
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to them locally. look, housing starts are up in florida, foreclosure rates are down. the medicare issue is going to cut in a pretty big way in florida. there's a growing hispanic community that's noncuban, that seems to be tilting very, very heavily for the president. so, yes, obviously, unemployment is one of the factors. but i think there's a sense that's undeniable that things are trending in the right direction in terms of just the health of the economy and all the polls indicate it. when they're asked, do you think things will be better next year rather than this? right now, by pretty sizable margins, the answer is yes. >> so richard, are you saying it's off the table now, that voters aren't going to be thinking about? >> look, if you're unemployed or if you have somebody that's unemployed in your family, that's very much an overarching issue. but the fact of the matter is, again, we've seen in history the trend line is what's matters. and if there's a sense of hope, which i think for even out of work floridians, there very much is, because they too are saying, yes, we think things
deliver for every student. i soon learned that wasn't true. there are appealsmakers at the local state and national who makes decisions that impact the students in my classroom. i wanted a voice. that's what brought me into my association and my union. i wanted a voice to say to policymakers when you choose this decision, this is how it impacts the students in my classroom. so to try and separate the people from the union is crazy. the people are the union. and they want their voice heard. they spend every day working in public schools all across this nation under the most trying of circumstances attempting to give the best we can for students. their voice needs to be heard. >> deny fis van roekel. i appreciate it. here's a look at other stories for you. the white house is reportedly working on a new plan for targeting terrorists. the disposition matrix, "the washington post" says the matrix contains names of suspects resources being used to catch them, indictments and secret operations. >>> two teen brothers were charged in the murder of a 12-year-old. the name of the girl autumn pasq
's coming in. it's not just in the senate race. it's in down ballot races, local races, state, congressional and state legislative races. that's why you go out there. you discover real quick the people in montana don't want outside money. they don't want people telling them what to do. they don't want outside groups independently influencing campaigns. they just want people to leave them alone and let them make up their own minds, you know? >> what is fascinating to me about what's happening in montana is here you had a state, here you had law makers trying to do something about campaign finance reform and now you've got all these groups that managed to find ways around it. >> in 1912 the state of montana passed the corrupt passages act, the strictest finance campaign reform in the country. it was brought as a challenges to citizens united. supreme court had a second look via this montana case and said we are going to stay with citizens united. we think there is no corruption if there is independent expenditure, if all this money you and your prior guests were talking about, if it's independ
, so says the daytona beach news junl as local volunteers move into high gear. team romney is feeling excited in florida while team obama is trying to finish with a dramatic push. that big push was supposed to include a joint appearance with president clinton, but sandy rained on that parade. president obama is now back squarely in washington to deal with this storm leechl leaaving former president with the stage all to himself. >> as the president said, governor, you were in bain capital. if i brought a deal to you and said i have a great idea for a business with jobs like crazy, and you said where's your budget? i'd say, see me on that in a year or two, you'd run me out of our office. how can you expect us to vote for you for president. you won't give us the budget when you say it's the biggest problem in the country. vote for the man with the plan. vote for barack obama. >> let's bring in joe lockhart, former white house press secretary under clinton and also a cnbc contributor. the president is in a tough spot right now trying to run a country, manage a natural disaster while also
tried to reassure americans. >> the federal government is working effectively with the state and local governments. it's going to be very important that populations in all the impacted states take this seriously. listen to your state and local elected officials. my message to the governors as well as to the mayors is anything they need, we will be there. we're going to dut through red tape and not get bogged down with a lot of rules. we want to make sure we're anticipating and leaning forward. >> meanwhile the afternoon governor romney joining his running mate at a rally in toledo, ohio, on their bus tour today. a romney campaign senior advisor also announced a short time ago that the campaign is going to stop sending fund-raising appeals to the northeast states affected by the looming hurricane. florida senator marco rubio's 12-year-old daughter is in this hospital after a golf cart accident in miami yesterday. at the time of the accident the republican senator was on the trail campaigning for mitt romney in kissimmee, florida. he learned of the accident after he finished speaking at
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)